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Program Syllabus

  • • Basics of In-memory computing
  • • Introduction to SAP HANA
  • • Why SAP HANA?
  • • SAP HANA Vs. BWA
  • • SAP HANA use cases

  • ntroduction to SAP Hana Engine
  • • Types of SAP HANA Engine
  • • Business Impact of new architecture
  • • Index Server
  • • Preprocessor Server
  • • Name Server
  • • Statistics Server
  • • XS Engine
  • • SAP HANA Landscape
  • • Row type storage
  • • Column type storage
  • • Main Storage
  • • Delta Storage
  • • SAP HANA Sizing

  • • Adding SAP HANA in systems
  • • SAP HANA Perspectives
  • • SAP HANA Administration
  • • SAP HANA Database development
  • • SAP HANA Provisioning
  • • Content, security, users, and roles
  • • Overview of HANA Database SQL
  • • More about Database
  • • Statement types
  • • Data types
  • • Expressions and operators
  • • Query execution
  • • Sub-queries
  • • Joins and loops
  • • Schema, tables, and views
  • • Functions
  • • Index, triggers, and sequences
  • • Smart Data Access or SDA

  • • Introduction to SAP HANA modeling and advantages and limitations.
  • • Key Concepts in Data Modeling
  • • Components of HANA data model & Views
  • • Analytical Views
  • • Attribute views
  • • Calculation Views
  • • Joins
  • • Measures
  • • Filters
  • • Restricted and calculated Columns
  • • Star schema design
  • • Multidimensional modeling
  • • Variables and input parameters
  • • Functions and expressions
  • • Procedures
  • • Deeper understanding of Calculation Views
  • • Dimension calculation
  • • Star join calculation
  • • OLTP calculation
  • • Projection, join, aggregation, and union
  • • Calculation views (scripted)
  • • CE functions
  • • Content procedure creation

  • • Analytic Privileges
  • • Classical analytic privilege
  • • SQL analytic privilege
  • • Dynamic analytic privilege
  • • Business rules to decision tables
  • • Table functions
  • • Union pruning
  • • Schema mapping
  • • Refactoring information models
  • • Propagating to schematics
  • • Finding where-used and showing lineage
  • • Generating time data
  • • Time Travel and currency conversion
  • • Deprecated information model migration
  • • Web-based modeling, work bench
  • • Temporary tables
  • • Triggers
  • • Full-text Search

  • • Data provisioning introduction
  • • SLT for data provisioning
  • • Replication
  • • Trigger based
  • • ETL based
  • • Log based
  • • Introduction to BODS 4
  • • Data service connection types
  • • Flat File upload in to HANA
  • • Security and authorization
  • • Data preparation in Lumira

  • • ABAP development tools
  • • ABAP to HANA
  • • SAP HANA as a secondary database
  • • SAP HANA migration issues
  • • ABAP test cockpit
  • • Code inspector and profiler
  • • Trace and SQL Trace
  • • Core Data Services in ABAP
  • • CDS associations
  • • Authorization checks implementation using CDS and ABAP
  • • SAP HANA Objects in ABAP
  • • ABAP Database Connectivity
  • • Native SQL in ABAP.

  • • SAP HANA Security
  • • Creating Users
  • • Creating Roles
  • • Privileges
  • • User Administration
  • • SAP HANA Reporting
  • • Connectivity options for reporting
  • • Business Objects BI 4

  • • Modeling in cloud
  • • Core modeling
  • • Schema and tables
  • • Data storage
  • • Sample loading
  • • Attribute view, analytical view, and calculation view
  • • Cloud Extraction of Data
  • • SLT
  • • SAP Landscape Transformation
  • • Real-time Replication data process
  • • Business Object Data Services or BODS
  • • Extraction Transformation Loading or ETL
  • • Direct Extractor Connector or DXC
  • • SBW or DW
  • • Smart Data Access or SDA

  • • SAP HANA Dynamic Tiering
  • • SAP HANA Delta Merge
  • • SAP HANA Smart Data Integration
  • • SAP HANA application platform
  • • L procedures and R procedures
  • • Tables partitioning
  • • AFL, PAL, and BFL

  • You work as an SAP HANA Consultant for a big tech company. They want to get meaningful business insights from the data in order to gain competitive advantages. The tech company has sub branches in different countries, they have multiple products for which sales are done. So, as an SAP HANA Consultant, you need to build HANA data model, by maintaining Referential Integrity with tables, for smarter business decision-making, in order to help, increase its revenue, reduce cost, and reduce risk.


SAP HANA Certification Training

An industry-oriented course designed by experts. Become a SAP Consultant by mastering HANA Studio, Data Modeling, Data Provisioning, Security and Reporting, SAP HANA Cloud, from scratch to advance level.

Key Features

  • 3+ Projects and case studies

  • 36+ Hours of interactive learning

  • 20+ Hours of exercise and project work

  • Lifetime access to LMS

  • Attend as many batches for lifetime

  • 24/7 Technical Support

  • Resume Building

  • Placement Assistance

  • Dedicated Learner Delight Team

About Course

SAP HANA Architecture, HANA Studio, Data Modeling, Data Provisioning, Security and Reporting, SAP HANA Cloud, and more.

Freshers, anyone willing to build a career as a SAP Consultant.

No prerequisite. We teach everything from scratch.

SAP is already a big name in the market. SAP HANA is going to boom more in the future because, very recently SAP and IBM came together to offer a new home for big databases in SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud (Source: CIO India). Average salary of SAP Consultants in India is ₹ 9,19,132 per year and in the US, it ranges from $101,000 to $140,000 per annum.

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Anil Sadaye

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Clean, simple and a fantastic learning resource. The courses are a great resource for personal development and continuous learning.

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Eduranz offers a unique online Data Science with SAP Certification course for professionals who are willing to build a career in this rousing domain. There are many reasons to choose Eduranz: Interactive online instructor-led live classes conducted by SMEs
Personal mentors who will keep a stage track of your progress in the course
A Substantial LMS which allows the users to view their recorded sessions from their live classes along with the self-recorded courses
Real-time exercises, assignments, industry-based use cases and real-world projects
24/7 learning support by the Eduranz’s dedicated tech support team
Large community of learners from across the globe
Industrially as well as globally recognized certificate by Eduranz
Personalized job support, resume and interview preparation

You never miss any lecture at Eduranz, because you will be provided with the recorded sessions of the live class on your LMS within 24 hours and despite that, you can also attend any different live session to cover up the missed topic and ask your doubts from the trainer or you can simply reschedule your batch and get yourself a new batch assigned.

Live Virtual Classes or Online Classes. With online class training, you can access courses via video conferencing from your desktop to increase productivity and reduce work time and personal time.

Eduranz offers a 24/7 request solution and you can pick up your tickets at any time from our dedicated support team. You can use email support for all your questions. If your request is not answered via email, we can also arrange one-on-one discussions with the faculty. You will be glad to know that you can switch to Eduranz support after completing the training. We also don’t limit the number of tickets you can collect when solving questions and doubts.

Yes, Eduranz has a dedicated placement assistance team. Our job assistance program will help you reach the job you have been seeking. Under this program, we help you by building your professional resume and then sharing it across our network companies that we have tie ups with.

Eduranz offers the most up-to-date, relevant and valuable projects in the real world as part of the training program. In this way, you can integrate what you have learned in the real industry. Each training is delivered with various projects where you can thoroughly test your skills, learning and practical knowledge so that you are well prepared for the industry. They work on very interesting projects in the fields of high technology, e-commerce, marketing, sales, networking, banking, insurance and more. After successfully completing your project, your skills will be counted as a result of six months of intensive industry experience.

After completing the Eduranz Training Program along with all real projects, tests and assignments and achieving at least 60% points in the qualification exam; you will receive an industrial recognized certificate by Eduranz. This certification is recognized by companies all across the industry, which includes a lot of top MNCs worldwide.

Our job assistance program will help you reach the job you have been seeking. Under this program, we help you by building your professional resume and then sharing it across our network companies that we have tie ups with. You will also be prepared for interviews through mock sessions. However, Eduranz is not a recruitment agency. We do not guarantee you a job. After we share your profiles with the companies, the further process depends upon your performance and their decision.

All of our highly qualified instructors are industry experts with minimum 10-12 yrs. of relevant IT experience. Each of them underwent a rigorous selection process that included screening profiles, teaching assessments, and training demonstrations.

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