Cloud & Devops Architect Master’s Certification Training

Master Cloud and Devops skills with this industry-oriented training program designed by experts after extensive research.







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8th May, 2022


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  • 152+ Hours of interactive learning
  • 110+ Hours of exercise and project work
  • 30+ Projects, hands-on, and case studies
  • Attend as many batches for lifetime
  • Lifetime access to LMS
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Cloud & Devops Architect Master’s Certification Training

Master Cloud and Devops skills with this industry-oriented training program designed by experts after extensive research.

Programming Languages & Tools Covered 

Program Syllabus

Course 1: AWS Solutions Architect Certification Training





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• Introduction to Cloud Computing
• Advantages of Cloud Computing
• Cloud Service & Deployment Models
• Introduction to AWS
• Various cloud computing products offered by AWS
• AWS architecture and the AWS Management Console, virtualization in AWS (Xen hypervisor)
• AWS Support
• Introduction to EC2
• Regions & Availability Zones(AZs)
• Pre-EC2, EC2 instance types
• Comparing Public IP and Elastic IP
• Demonstrating how to launch an AWS EC2 instance
• Introduction to AMIs
• Creating and Copying an AMI
• Introduction to EBS
• EBS volume types
• EBS Snapshots
• Introduction to EFS
• Pricing and Design Patterns
• Auto-Scaling
• Fault Tolerance in AWS
• Elastic load balancing
• Route53
• Relational Database
• Amazon Aurora
• AWS DynamoDB
• Amazon Redshift
• ElasticCache
• AWS Kinesis
• Virtual Private Network
• VPC Use-Cases
• Network Access Control List and Security Groups
• Network Address Translation (NAT)
• VPC Peering
• Identity Access Management (IAM)
• AWS Cloud Trail
• AWS Cloud Watch
• AWS Cloud Watch Billing
• AWS Simple Email Service (SES)
• AWS Simple Notification Service
• AWS Simple Queue Service
• AWS Simple Work Flow
• AWS Ops Works and CLI
• AWS Lambda
• AWS Cloud Formation
• Ops Works
• AWS Elastic Beanstalk
• Introduction to AWS storage
• Pre-S3 – online cloud storage
• API S3 consistency models
• Storage hierarchy, buckets in S3
• Objects in S3
• metadata and storage classes
• Object versioning
• Object lifecycle management
• Cross-region replication
• Data encryption
• Connecting using VPC
• Introduction to Cloud migration
• Why migration is important
• Migration process in AWS, the 6 R’s migration strategy
• Virtual machine migration, migrating a local vm onto the AWS cloud
• Migrating databases using Database Migration Service (DMS)
• Migrating a local database to RDS
• Migrating an on-premises database server to RDS using DMS, other migration services

Course 2: Python Certification Training





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• Introduction to Python
• Features of Python
• Advantages of using Python
• Companies using Python
• Installation process of Python
• Basic commands of Python
• Python Data Types
• Numbers
• Simple arithmetic operations in Python
• Assigning Variables in Python
• Operators in Python
• Strings
• Indexing, slicing, and formatting
• Lists
• Tuples
• Sets
• Boolean
• Dictionaries
● Python statements
● If Elif and Else Statements
● For loop
● While loop
● Range vs xrange in Python
● List Comprehensions in Python
● Chaining comparison in python
● Else with for and Switch Case in Python
● Using iteration in python
● Iterators in Python
● Iterators function
● Python functions and its types
● Defining a Function in Python
● Rules for naming Python function (identifier)
● Python Function Parameters
● Python Return Statement and calling a function
● Function arguments
● Python function argument and its types
● Default argument in Python
● Python keyword arguments
● Python arbitrary arguments
● Python built-In functions with syntax and examples
● Lambda expressions, map, and filter Functions
● OOP concept
● Attributes
● Class Keywords
● Class Object Attributes
● Methods in Python
● Data Hiding and Object Printing
● Constructors and Destructors in Python
● Class and static variable in python
● Class method and static method in python
● Inheritance, Encapsulation, Polymorphism & Abstraction
● Special Methods - Magic Method
• Decorators in Python
• Syntax of Decorators and Working with them
• Generators in Python
• Working with Generators
• NumPy
• Creating Arrays in NumPy
• Using Arrays and Scalars
• Indexing NumPy Arrays
• NumPy Array Manipulation
• Array Transportation
• Universal Array Function
• Array Processing
• Array Input and Output
• SciPy
• Clusters, Lining, Signals, Optimization, Integration, Sub packages
• Bayesian Theory
• Data manipulation
• Pandas libraries
• Dependency of NumPy libraries
• Pandas Series objects
• Pandas data frames
• Load and process data with Pandas
• Combining data objects
• Merging, and various types of data object attachments
• Record & clean notes, edit notes, visualize notes
• Matplotlib
• Seaborn
• Pandas Built-in Data Visualization
• Plotly and Cufflinks
• Geographical Plotting
● Web scraping in Python
● Web scraping libraries
● Beautifulsoup and Scrapy
● Installation of beautifulsoup
● Installation of Python parser lxml
● Creating soup object with input HTML
● Searching of tree
● Full or partial parsing
● Output print
● Searching the tree

Course 3: DevOps Certification Training Course

DevOps Certification Training Course





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• EC2
• Git
• Docker
• Selenium
• Maven
• Jenkins
• Puppet
• ansible
• Kubernetes
• Nagios
• What is Software Development?
• Understanding Software Development Life Cycle
• Understanding Traditional SDLC model
• Why DevOps?
• What is DevOps?
• DevOps life cycle
• DevOps tool
• What is version control?
• Types of version control system
• Introduction to SVN & Git
• Understanding Git life cycle
• General git commands
• Working with Git Clone
• Join branches
• Merger conflict solution
• Git workflow
• Introduction to Docker
• Understand the Docker life cycle
• Component of the Docker ecosystem
• General docking operation
• Create a DockerHub account
• Make changes to a container
• Click the container image to launch DockerHub
• Create custom Docker images with Dockerfile
• What is the Docker volume?
• Deploy multi-tier applications through the Docker network
• Use Docker Compose to deploy containers
• What is meant by container orchestration?
• Orchestration tools for containers
• Introduction to the Docker Swarm
• Deploy a two-node cluster using Docker Swarm
• Need for configuration management
• configuration management tool
• Is that a doll?
• Puppet Architecture
• Set a Master - Slave with Puppet
• Puppet manifest
• Puppet module
• Apply configuration with Puppet
• Puppet file server
• What is Ansible • Ansible vs Puppet • Responsible architecture • Prepare a Slave Master with Ansible • Ansible Playbook • Ansible Roles • Apply configuration with Ansible
• What is continuous testing?
• Introduction to selenium
• What is Maven?
• Use maven with selenium
• Make a test case with selenium
• Run the Chromium Web Driver test box
• What is the headless mode?
• Introduction to continuous integration
• Jenkins master slave architecture
• Understanding CI/CD Pipeline
• Create a continuous CI/CD automated pipeline
• Introduction to the Kubernetes
• Docker surrounded Kubernetes
• Kubernetes Architecture
• Spread the Kubernetes with Kubeadms
• Alternative ways to use Kubernetes
• YAML file
• Create a Kubernetes deployment with YAML
• Services in Kubernetes
• Interest in Kubernetes
• What is ongoing monitoring
• Introduction to Nagios
• Nagios Architecture
• Monitoring service in Nagios
• What is the NRPE plugin?
• About monitoring systems with the NRPE plugin

Course 4: Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate Certification Training (AZ-104)

6 Weeks




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• Azure Active Directory
• Users and Groups
• Subscriptions and Accounts
• Azure Policy
• Role-based Access Control (RBAC)
• Resource Manager
• Azure Portal and Cloud Shell
• Azure PowerShell and CLI
• ARM Templates
• Virtual Networks
• IP Addressing
• Network Security groups
• Azure Firewall
• Azure DNS
• VNet Peering
• VPN Gateway Connections
• ExpressRoute and Virtual WAN
• Network Routing and Endpoints
• Azure Load Balancer
• Azure Application Gateway
• Traffic Manager
• Storage Accounts
• Blob Storage
• Storage Security
• Azure Files and File Sync
• Managing Storage
• Virtual Machine Planning
• Virtual Machine Availability
• Virtual Machine Extensions
• Azure App Service Plans
• Azure App Service
• Azure Container Instances
• Azure Kubernetes Service
• File and Folder Backups
• Virtual Machine Backups
• Data Protection
• Azure Monitor
• Azure Alerts
• Log Analytics

Hours of Content


Live Sessions


Tools & Softwares


Case Studies & Projects

Industry Projects

Learn through real-life industry projects sponsored by top companies across industries
  • Engage in collaborative projects with student-mentor interaction
  • Benefit by learning in-person with expert mentors
  • Personalised subjective feedback on your submissions to facilitate improvement
  • Project 1: Elastic load balancing and its configuration

    As the AWS Engineer of the company, you need to launch two web servers and configure a load balancer, then auto-scale it.

    Read More
    Project 2: Orchestrate a website

    First deploy a high-availability PHP application on Elastic Beanstalk, with lesser time and higher availability along with autoscaling. The primary tasks would be launching a DB instance in Amazon RDS, creating an Elastic Beanstalk Environment, and configuring Security Groups.

    Read More
    Project 3: Scaling a website without zero upfront cost using AWS

    Without any investment in hardware, you need to launch virtual servers and configure their security, also manage storage

    Read More
    Project 4: Secure active directory by adding multi-factor authentication

    As the Azure Administrator of the organization, you need to provide access to some of the services, which are managed by the organization’s active directory. And add users in the active directory, then give users access. In order to do that first, create users in a custom active directory domain. Then as the requirement says, set up a password authentication method with MFA verification option.

    Read More
    Project 5: Mid-scale website deployment using Azure

    Your start-up is ready to hit the market with a new website. Now it’s time for deployment. With Azure, you will deploy the website in two different regions, with more customers. You need to control, manage and monitor the traffic geographically. Also, once the traffic becomes more, you are going to enable path-based routing for your website, enable communication between the servers, and store data on the cloud.

    Read More
    Project 6: Implementation of DevOps in an Organization by creating CI/CD pipeline in the website

    Your organization is starting to grow in the market. Now, you are aiming to deliver product updates frequently to the production server without hampering the quality and reliability. But as the organization is evolving some major issues are coming up, which are mainly because while building the project, several modular components, several frameworks, components developed by 3rd party partners were used. Multiple versions of different codes, components, and environments to deploy. Now in order to resolve the issues and have continuous integration for continuous delivery, you have decided to use DevOps.

    Read More
    Project 7: Create a custom Docker image of CentOST to perform a few Docker operations

    Proceed by writing a Dockerfile, populating the file with required instructions, then build the image based on the Dockerfile. Once created, run Apache web server on the Docker image using port 8080 for Apache. So basically every time you use the container with that image for testing, you will be using port 80, which will be remapped to port 8080 in the container. Run the container with that image.

    Read More
    Project 8: Web Scraping of a website for scientific articles

    As part of the ongoing research study in your organization, you need to build a program to track and study recent scientific data posted on the website.

    Read More
    Project 9: Analyzing the Patients - Cardiotocography

    A medical firm has given you a task of analyzing whether the patient is ‘normal’, or ‘Suspect of having a disease’ or actually has a ‘disease’

    Read More
    Project 10: Analyzing the Stock Market

    Andrew is a Data Analyst in a company named ValueAnalytics, he has been assigned a project to analyze the Stock Market from a data set of Technology Stocks, by using the different libraries, he has to extract the stock information and perform the visualization of different aspects, along with analyzing the risk of a stock from its past history. find the change in the price of the stock over time, find the daily return of the stock on average, find the moving average of the various stocks, find the correlation between different stocks' closing prices, find the correlation between different stocks' daily returns, find the value we should put at risk by investing in a particular stock, also, attempt to predict future stock behaviour.

    Read More
    Project 11: Analyzing the Election Data

    Post the election, the government has given your company a contract of doing the analysis on the Election and Donor Data. You as the data analyst are supposed to answer a few questions by analyzing the aggregated poll data. Like how many votes are done and different aspects in it along with analyzing the average donations given to Democrats and Republican (more questions are asked during the project).

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